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Dr. Nirmal Kumar
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Dr. ManishKumar C. Mishra
Dr. S.P.Dubey
Dr. Satish Pandey
Dr. Anil Singh
Dr. K.P.Singh
Dr. P.N. Tripathi
Dr. Ravendra Sahu
Dr. Chaman Lal Sharma
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Dr. Renuka Herath
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VEETHIKA-An International Interdisciplinary Research Journal (ISSN : 2454-342X )

About The Journal

VEETHIKA-An International Interdisciplinary Journal ISSN: 2454-342X is a double-blind refereed Quarterly research journal aims to arm its readership with the latest research and commentary in all areas humanities, languages, management and social sciences, with an informed, interdisciplinary approach. The journal invites papers from all social science, environment, language and management disciplines. 

The journal has an international editorial and advisory board, representing all areas of humanities, social sciences and literature providing a broad structure to add value to inter disciplines from a wide range of perspectives. The journal is a direct key benefit to academicians, practitioners and students who are interested in the latest innovations and research.

Subjects: linguistics, literature, Humanities, languages, Business, Finance & Economics, Management & Organizational Behavior, Social Sciences, Sociology, library and Information Systems, Environmental Economics and Management

Manuscript submission Guidelines

·The paper should betyped in MS Word, Times New Roman font in 12-16 pt. size with 1.5 spacing.Manuscript should not be more than 5000 words. Author(s) should submit themanuscript online at www.manuscripts.qtanalytics.com

·Manuscript shouldcontain the text matter, the name(s) of author(s) their affiliation should notbe mentioned to maintain anonymity in review process.

·Tables, graphs,charts etc. must be typed in double space on separate page in numerical order.In the text, the reference for table should be mentioned as Table - 1, not asabove table. Same should be followed in case of graphs and charts. Each table,graph and chart should have its own heading. 

·The publisherreserves the right to publish or reject any contribution submitted forpublication without assigning any reason.

·References should be given alphabetically at the end of the manuscript. Following are some examples. 

              Authored book:

A. Cichocki and R. Unbehaven, Neural Networks for Optimization and SignalProcessing, Chichester, England: Wiley, 1993, ch. 2, pp. 45-47.

Article in anedited book:

R.A. Scholtz, "The Spread Spectrum Concept," in MultipleAccess, N. Abramson, Piscataway, N.J.: IEEE Press, 1993, ch. 3, pp. 121-23.

Paper in ajournal:

R.K. Crane, "Estimating Risk for Earth-Satellite AttenuationPrediction," Proc. IEEE, vol. 81, pp. 905-913, June 1993.

Paper in aconference record:

D.L. Crook, "Evolution of VLSI reliability engineering," inProc. Int. Rel. Physics Symp., pp. 2-11, 1990.

Unpublishedconference paper:

T. Yamashita, K. Kotani, and T. Ohmi, "Real-time configurable logiccircuits using neuron MOS transistors," presented at the 1993 Int. SolidState Circuits Conf., Feb. 1993.


H. Freitag, "Design methodologies for LSI circuitry," IBM Tech.Rep. TR41736, pp. 80-82, 1983.

  • Photographs and Biographies: Authors' photographs and biographies are in conjunction with papers. They can be provided after acceptance of a paper and biographies should not exceed 200 words

Proof: Before publication, proofs will be sent to the author (or to the contact author who submitted the paper).Typographical, illustration problems and other errors should be marked according to the instructions accompanying the proofs. However, it is important to review the presentation details at this time and carefully check for any errors that might have been introduced during the production process. 

Peer Review Policy

All research papers in this journal will undergo rigorous peer reviewing by at least two anonymous referees. Only those papers approved by the reviewers will be selected. The criteria for evaluation by the reviewers are Relevance,Methodology, Originality, Research, Conclusions, Policy/ Managerial Implications, References.


The accountability of the research matter articulated in this journal is entirely of the author(s)concerned. The view expressed in the research papers/articles in this journal does not essentially correspond to the views of the publisher/editor. The publisher/editor of the journal is not liable for errors or any consequences arising from the exercise of information contained in it.