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Dr. Jaya Verma
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International Journal of Historical Insight and Research (ISSN : 2454-5600 )

About The Journal

Historical Insight and Research [IJHIR] ISSN:2454-5600 is a double blind refereed international history Quarterly e-journal that aims to publish research papers and articles augmenting the knowledge and new perspectives leading to furtherance of research in manifold aspects of international history. The Journal invites papers from all fields of history in particular political, economic, social, religious, environmental, cultural aspects which influence the contemporary global man and society. E. H. Carr has rightly said, History is a continuous process of interaction between historian and his facts, an unending dialogue between present and the past.

Historical Insight and Research has an international editorial and advisory board. The Journal promises great benefits to those who value historical sense and interested in unraveling the mysteries of global history.


·   Political History

·   Economic History

·   Social History

·   Gender and History

·   Cultural and Religious History

·   Ecology and History

·   Archaeology

·   Numismatics

·   Epigraphy

·   History and Tourism

·   Interdisciplinary Approach in History

·   Contemporary History

·   Global History

Author Guidelines

Submissions to Historical Insight and Research are made using the online submission and peer review system. Online submission and registration is available at http://www.qtanalytics.com/journals.aspx. Forregistration, please follow the instructions below:

· Please log on :http://www.qtanalytics.com/journals.aspx or click on manuscript submission

·   Create account with filling in the requested details

·   Enter username as your email address and password of at least 6 characters in length and containing one special character

·   Click finish and your account has been created

·  Click on the submit a manuscript link which will take you through to the manuscript submission page

·   Complete all fields and browse to upload your article

·   After all required sections completed, preview your pdf proof

·   Finally submit your manuscript

Authors are invited to submit original research articles within the broad scope of the Journal. Please use the following guidelines:

·      All manuscripts should be submitted in English as a word document, should be double-spaced with one-inch margin on all four sides. Themanuscript should be formatted to make it suitable for double blind referring.

·       Articles should be between 3000 and 9000 words in length.

·       A title of not more than eight words should be provided.

·    Article title page should be submitted that includes articletitle, author details (Full name of each author, affiliation of each authors,email-address), abstract (200-300 words) and keywords (5-8 words).

·  Categorize your paper on the Article Title page, under one ofthese classifications: Research paper, viewpoint, technical paper, conceptualpaper, case study, literature review and general view.

·      Headings must be concise, with a clear indication of the distinctionbetween the hierarchies of headings. The preferred format is for firstlevel headings to be presented in bold format and subsequent sub-headings to bepresented in medium italics.

·     The Journal will strive to provide a prompt turnaround time. Toexpedite review process, authors are encouraged to suggest (maximum five) namesof potential reviewers. Enclose their names, postal addresses, phone and faxnumbers, and e-mails. The editors are, however, under no obligation to seekopinions from suggested reviewers.

·      References should be numbered and written in Harvard style andcarefully checked for completeness, accuracy and consistency. Works of the sameauthor should be arranged in the increasing order of the publication date. Allreferences should quote the complete titles of Journals and books. In the text,references should be cited by the reference number placed within squarebrackets. You should cite publications in the text: (Adams, 2006) using thefirst named author's name or (Adams and Brown, 2006) citing both names of two,and (Adams et al., 2006), when there are three or more authors.

Each paper is reviewed by the editor and checking the suitability it is then sent to at least one independent referee for double blind peer review. Based on their recommendation, as well as consultation between relevant editorial board members the editor decides whether the paper should be accepted as is, revised or rejected.

Authors prior to article submission should give all the rights and permission to use any content that has been created by them. Authors should obtain the necessary written permission in advance from anythird party owners of copyright for the use in print and electronic formats of any of their text, illustrations, graphics, or other material, in their manuscript. Permission must also be cleared for any minor adaptations of any work not created by them. If an author adapts significantly any material, the author must inform the copyright holder of the original work.  Authors must always acknowledge the source in figure captions and refer to the source in the reference list. Authors should check the website for details of the copyright holder to seek permission for re-use.

PeerReview Policy

All research papers in this journal will undergo rigorous peer reviewing by at least two anonymous referees. Only those papers approved by the reviewers will be selected. The criteria for evaluation by the reviewers are Relevance,Methodology, Originality, Research, Conclusions, Policy/ Managerial Implications, References.


The accountability of theresearch matter articulated in this journal is entirely of the author(s)concerned. The view expressed in the research papers/articles in this journaldoes not essentially correspond to the views of the publisher/editor. Thepublisher/editor of the journal is not liable for errors or any consequencesarising from the exercise of information contained in it.